skedupay is the only ezidebit payment processing tool that can be run entirely out of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

About skedupay

What is it?

skedupay is a connector app that links Salesforce Sales Cloud with the powerful ezidebit platform. Plug it straight into your Salesforce org and strat creating invoices and processing payments today.

Why use it?

With skedupay, you get a fully integrated solution that manages the entire payment lifecycle from Opportunity based Invoices, to subscription plan creation, to one-off payments via a PCI compliant screen.

Problem. Solution.

skedupay helps eliminate 6 common payment processing challenges


You duplicate every thing. Every time. In multiple systems. And nothing ever matches?


You enter data once. In 1 system only. The system does the rest. Everything matches. All the time.


You never know how much is due, or how much is scheduled to be paid this week, or which default payments need to be followed up.


Yo can see everything from a single visually-appealing, but comprehensive set of dashboards showing all transactions - good and bad.


Payment security is non-negotiable. It has to work. Every time. Anything goes wrong and your  company's reputation is at stake.


You want a solution that meets and exceeds all PCI, Salesforce and Ezidebit security requirements and it can be accessed via any device.


You don't always work in an office. Payments aren't always made over a counter. You need your payment engine to be mobile. Like you are.


Anywhere. Any time. Any device. Any Invoice. Multiple payment processing options. And that is the bare minimum.


You don't have the resources, time or skills to build your own custom integration service. You just need it to work seamlessly - everyday, every time.


You just plug-and-play a fully integrated solution that can be woven into your existing sales processes as well as be configurable to your specific requirements.


You just want a simple, cost-effective solution that allows you to process transactions cheaply. It should be customisable to suit your business processes.


The pricing should be subscription-based, & include as many transactions, accounts, invoices and users as your business requires. It should be configurable too.

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